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WoW Classic Vs. The Burning Crusade

WoW Classic is already more than one year old. There are clear indications that we will have The Burning Crusade servers as well. This is WoW’s first expansion and many players want to replay it. TBC brought many changes and additions. Let’s see what are the most important ones.

Some of the classes got revamped in TBC. We all know that some of the specializations in WoW Classic are just bad. There’s no point in hiding. Not all specs are enjoyable. Players that want a spot in a serious raiding guild are somewhat forced to choose a certain specialization.

The Burning Crusade changed some specializations to perform their role better. This made them viable giving the players the chance to play what they want. TBC also comes with dual specialization which is one of the most welcome additions. Players can have two specializations and switch between them. Speaking of classes and builds, TBC made them more complex by adding three more stats.

The expertise stat reduces the enemies’ chances of dodging or parrying you. Armor penetration allows your attack to neglect some of the enemies’ armor. Resilience is a PvP stat that decreases taken damage and reduces your chance of being hit with a crit. The shaman and paladin class are faction-locked in WoW Classic.

Only Horde players can make a shaman and only Alliance members can play a paladin. TBC changed all that by adding two more races. Horde Blood Elves can be paladins. Alliance Draenei can be shamans.

As you know, The Burning Crusade came with the ability to fly and flying mounts. This is a highly-controversial feature. Some players welcome it, others don’t like it. Flying is possible only in the new zone introduced by the expansion. The trouble with flying is that it is not cheap. You will need about 5,000 WoW classic gold to get away from the ground.

Jewelcrafting is a profession that was introduced with The Burning Crusade. Players learn how to make gems that can be placed in weapon and armor slots. Gems give additional stat points. The first expansion came with more end-game content. All TBC dungeons have a heroic mode. Heroic dungeons are more challenging and give better rewards.

On the PvP front, the game saw the introduction of arenas. You will team up with members of your faction against a team from the other faction. This appealed to hardcore PvPers as winning arena games is more challenging than winning battleground matches.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)