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O Great One !: A Little Story about the Awesome Power of Recognition

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From David Novak and Christa Bourg’s book O Great One !: A Little Story about the Awesome Power of Recognition, we learn the story of Jeff Johnson, who took over the family business and became the CEO of a large toy company.

When Jeff started running the company, it was in a state of protracted crisis and decline. Almost everything indicated that the enterprise would close within the next year. To prevent this, the new head of the company began to investigate the reasons that led the company to such a state, communicated with workers in toy factories. But the information received did not give him anything, in everything one could feel despondency and a presentiment of an imminent collapse. The idea of ​​how to get out of this situation came unexpectedly. When Jeff was celebrating his birthday, he received a present from one of his grandchildren, and then he realized how to make a person truly happy. At first, the idea seemed crazy to him, but every day he came to the conclusion that it needed to be implemented. What is this idea that helped Jeff get his company out of a protracted crisis? This is what David Novak talks about in his new book. After reading it, you will learn how to inspire people to great things and get personal satisfaction from the work done.

You will also learn in detail about 10 principles, following which you can motivate your employees and achieve their respect and recognition.

  • The staff will not help you if you are not helping them.
  • The best thing you can do for your employees is to learn to listen to them.
  • A great idea might come up unexpectedly. Listen to your thoughts, feelings and intuition.
  • Reward and praise your employees. Don’t wait for a special moment when it can be done. Say nice things from your heart.
  • Encourage good deeds and ideas, and there will be more of them in your work and life.
  • Work positively. Share your experience, support your loved ones and employees with knowledge, experience and good mood.
  • Reward employees personally. Instead of buying them off with a certificate to buy something, learn more about your colleague, make your gift personal, so that it is truly pleasant and useful to him.
  • Recognition is universal in nature. Everyone wants to be approved and praised when a job is done well.
  • Recognition is a privilege. Give it to those who truly deserve it. Don’t give out praise left and right as if you were doing a daily routine. Let people know that they are special, that your words and actions are just for them.
  • Say “Thank you!” every time you get a chance to change your life.

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