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Ductless Air Conditioners Is Small Air Conditioning Units That Are Easy to Install

Ductless air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular in homes across Canada, and for good reason. 

These units save money on conventional cooling and are environmentally friendly, since they don’t require ducts through the walls of the house. For many homeowners, ductless air conditioning is a welcome change, since ducts can be a significant expense. Fortunately, if you are looking to purchase or install a ductless air conditioning system in your home, the options available today have increased dramatically.

The first place you might look for a ductless air conditioning system is your own heating system. Most houses have at least one central heating unit in the form of a furnace, although there are some newer single-stage units that can be used in conjunction with an air conditioner. A simple inspection of your heating system may reveal ducts running along the walls, leading to ductless units that contain evaporator coils that take hot air from the floor and send it up into the room. A common check, then, is whether or not one evaporator is larger than the others. If it is, this may mean you need to modify your heating system by installing a new one or retrofitting an existing one with a more efficient and smaller coil. This is also a good time to discuss replacement pricing with your HVAC contractor.

In addition to checking your current heating unit, consider also the possibility of updating to a newer model with more modern features. Two common upgrades to make are the advanced settings option and a variable speed motor. With the advanced settings feature, you can choose a fan speed that will reduce the amount of heat loss throughout your home. These systems also provide coolant and oil controls, and an easy, two-step operation for both that allows for very little maintenance. Variable speed motors offer more control but require more attention to detail and a regular cleaning routine. Both of these advanced features, however, are available on many ductless mini-split systems.

As mentioned previously, ductless mini splits offer a great way to replace central air conditioning units in certain rooms of the house, such as the bedrooms. This can save you money on a monthly basis because you do not have to pay the high cost of energy. Also, a ductless system is a great option if your home is not at all energy-efficient, because there is no ductwork involved. With this type of system, you install an air duct in a small hole in the wall. The air passes through a series of filters made of plastic or Teflon, which trap dust and other particles that would otherwise circulate around your home. If you have allergies, you can also choose an air purifier that includes an anti-allergen component.

For those who need a heating and cooling solution for a small apartment or house, installing ductless air conditioners may be the best solution. Mini-splits, which utilize a smaller amount of space than their traditional counterparts, make it easy to install indoor cooling and heating units without the need for major construction or remodeling. Many people living in small apartments or houses wish they had an HVAC unit, but do not want the expense of building one. A ductless air conditioner can be installed, and when needed, can be turned on and off with a simple pull of a cord.

When selecting your ductless mini-split air conditioner, be sure to consider energy efficiency. Energy-efficient units are more expensive to operate, but they will save you money on your energy bills in the long run. You should also make sure that your home is properly insulated. Not only can your air conditioning unit to reduce the amount of heat in your home, but it can also prevent the formation of mold and moisture in your home. Before making your decision on which unit to purchase, be sure to contact an experienced HVAC contractor for advice and information regarding energy efficiency, installation, and maintenance. The mini-split air conditioner is an effective solution for those who need it but are limited by space or budget.

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