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6 most calming things to do in Las Palmas

On the Canary Islands, this is one of the cities that was founded in 1478 and it is a famous tourist attraction because of its location and the things present here. This is a very vibrant land that has a lot to offer for the tourists.

You will not only get to learn a lot about the history of this place, but you will also be able to do a lot of fun activities here.

Before starting to explore Las Palmas, we will recommend you to rent a car that will help you to drive to some of the most calming places in the world. This site can give advice about renting a car in the city: You will fins rental cars in the city or at the airport.

So, here we will discuss some of the things that you must do while you are in Las Palmas.

Things to experience in Las Palmas

The following are the things that you must do while you are in Las Palmas.

Visit the Museo Canario

This museum will show a lot of artifacts related to Canarian history.

  • So, if you are willing to know about the history of the place, it will be a great opportunity.
  • Apart from all the artifacts present here, the most interesting section is the section of skulls as all of them are arranged in a very well-presented manner.

Castillo de La Luz

This is an old fort that is open for the tourists. This fort was originally made in the year 1494 and it was an important defensive part of Las Palmas till 1800. Now it is open for the tourists so that they can learn about the fort and its history.

Go to the old city district

This is a place that will show you the historical architecture of the Las Palmas because once it used to be the center of the city. The greatest attraction of this place is the Santa Ana cathedral that you must visit while you are here.

Casa De Colon

A very interesting thing about this place is that this museum used to be the house of Cristopher Columbus.

  • As now this place is turned into a museum, this is open for the visitors and here are some of the old things or their replicas that belonged to him.
  • There is a replica of his diary and there are some maps to that. If you bring the latest world map with you, you can also get the chance to compare it to the older world maps.

Seaside will be a great adventure

Whether you are looking to get some sunbathing time or you are ready for the surfing action, the beaches will be a great place for you. It is because the beaches will not only provide you the option for sunbathing. Some beaches will also offer surfing options that will be a great adventure.

Do not miss the special city tour bus

Las Palmas is a big city, and you will not be able to cover all the spots by yourself if you walk. Having a private taxi will also cost a lot. So, why not get on this tour bus that will provide you the sightseeing of the whole Las Palmas with an added audio guide.

Being a vibrant city, Las Palmas has to offer a lot of things. Here we mentioned some of the things that you can do here so you must not miss any of them.